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Microsoft VIVA Overview

Microsoft Viva stands as an integrated platform within Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Teams, designed to enhance the overall employee experience within your organization by fostering connection, insight, purpose, and growth—all through your existing infrastructure.

This versatile platform, Viva, is highly customizable and extensible, ensuring accessibility from any work location. Moreover, it seamlessly integrates with various partner applications, allowing users to leverage industry-leading tools effortlessly within their workflow.

Viva operates as an open and extensible ecosystem, providing partners and developers with toolkits and APIs to create supported Viva apps. Administrators can conveniently manage Viva through the centralized Microsoft 365 admin center, offering guided setups for deployment.

The features of Microsoft Viva are available across Microsoft 365 plans, as outlined in the service description. Here is a breakdown of some key components:

  1. Viva Connections: Facilitates employee connection by providing tools, news, and resources directly within Microsoft Teams. Content is personalized based on individual roles, regions, and interests.
  2. Viva Engage: Encourages collaboration across the organization, connecting individuals with leaders, colleagues, and communities. Viva Engage also facilitates the sharing of ideas and experiences, introducing new features like storylines and stories across various platforms.
  3. Viva Glint: Enhances employee engagement by offering insights through organization-wide surveys. The app provides recommended actions based on people science, allowing leaders to understand and improve the employee experience.
  4. Viva Goals: Aligns teams with the organization’s strategic priorities to drive business results. Viva Goals connects employees to organizational objectives, ensuring alignment and empowering teams to understand their impact.
  5. Viva Insights: Boosts productivity and wellbeing through data-driven, privacy-protected insights and recommendations. Viva Insights integrates seamlessly into everyday apps, such as Microsoft Teams, combining communications, knowledge, learning, and resources.
  6. Viva Learning: Integrates enterprise learning into the workflow by connecting content from various sources, including organizational resources, Learning Management Systems, and third-party providers.
  7. Viva Pulse: Empowers leaders and managers to gather and act on timely feedback. Using research-backed templates, teams can share experiences and suggestions, while reporting tools help pinpoint areas for improvement over time.
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